Temptation, you aren’t the victor – Christ is the Victor! Part 1

A dear friend and a dear family member separately gave me Matthew 4 as an encouragement to me this week. Neither of them at the time realized how timely this scripture would be for me. If you’d like to read that text, this link will take you to Matthew 4, The Message translation. Loving heavenly Father, thank You for Your true word the Bible. Jesus, thank You for Your beautiful, sinless example of handling temptation (Hebrews 4:14-16, NASB), and Holy Spirit thank You for the power to overcome our greatest fears and even sin. Thank You that You live in me and that You give me life and power over my sin (Romans 8:10-12, NLT).

48 hours…that’s about all it took and I found myself on the precipice. I was staring temptation right in the face, my worst fears seeming to come to fruition, my emotions were raging – I was really mad, angry, hurt, mourning, embarrassed, insolent….I was beside myself. I was crying out to God, “What is going on, Lord? What do I do? Have I failed You? Please help me find someone to talk to right now!!” I called my running partner, no answer. I called another, no answer. And called another, no answer. I cried out again to God “Surely You don’t want me to process this on my own??!! Please, Lord help me find a tangible someone.” It’s funny thinking back upon this…God Almighty was readily available to lovingly direct me in the right path, but I felt compelled to bring out into the light what was going on in my heart and head (James 5:16, NASB). He graciously answered and  sent someone to me. We’ll call her my “running partner in a pinch,” We met for two hours so I talk openly, honestly, humbly….and it was hard, and it sucked, but it was EXACTLY what I needed to do. It was no picnic to share that last 10% with her either. Gateway Church’s running partner information talks about sharing even that last 10% to start the process of healing and overcoming the struggle that is before you. In God’s graciousness, I was beginning to walk the road of healing rather than walking down the road that could have ultimately led to heart ache, destruction, devastation, and even worse a small, temporary victory for my (our) greatest enemy, Satan.


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