Part 3: the conclusion, in obedience I hear God speak to me clearly

Now it’s Monday morning, July 12. I just got off the phone with a long-time dear friend of mine from my elementary, high school and college days (those kinds of friends are priceless and are worth nurturing and holding onto for sure!!). I noticed a facebook status update on my tweet deck. It was from a friend of mine who had just had a car accident the week before and she needed someone to take her to the doctor. I called her number so fast, it was like I was trying to be the first caller on a radio show’s contest. Something inside of me, God in me, said, “Call her!” I did and I knew I was to take her to the doctor, and I started taking each step of obedience, as God revealed, to obey Him that day.

God provided childcare for my children (my sweet mother joins me in ministry many times by watching my children) and I was able to have a life-giving, God-ordained, divine appointment with a beautiful woman of God for three hours. Honestly, the timing of this trip to the doctor seemed so odd because I was electing to be away from my children another three hours when I had just gotten home from Seattle on a long weekend away from them. But yet, I felt so strongly that God wanted me to do this for Him and for my friend.

As I was driving to pick up my friend, God spoke to me and whispered the answer to my heart’s cry and to my prayer to Him all the way from June 27. I had been praying, God what is my area of discontent? He said to me very clearly, “inauthentic worship“. I answered back to Him, “Inauthentic worship?” Lord what does that mean? He replied, “Raquel, it upsets you when you worship Me inauthentically – when you live your life of worship to Me inauthentically. You get irked when your heart and head don’t match what your mouth is saying. It upsets you when you just give lip service to Me.” I began to weep because I was so grateful for His answer to me, and was so willing to hear from Him how my life needed to be more authentic to His glory!

Now it’s July 31st, and the continual revelations from God regarding my holy discontent has been powerful! In prayer and in His word , the Bible, God has reignited in me a laser-like focus passion to do just what He wants me to do. My prayer continues to be, “Lord, help me to obey, so I can hear You speak to me clearly!”

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