Part 2: In obedience I hear God speak to me clearly

So, I prayed and I prayed and I waited and I waited. And still no answer. Quite frankly I came home from Orlando a little disconcerted because I hadn’t heard God say anything about my area of “holy discontent” and I hadn’t been as disciplined as I wanted to be while I was there. Meaning, I wasn’t in God’s word (the Bible) daily and I wasn’t praying to Him like I normally do. I was just throwing up to Him, quick pop-up prayers (not that these kinds of prayers are a bad way of praying, but I need the longer conversations with Him to sustain me). For myself, it’s critical that I’m reading God’s word daily and offering up to Him honest, authentic prayers because these two areas of discipline are the crucible in which my life change has always occurred. We came home June 29th and still nothing.

Fast forward, and now it’s July 8. I’m on my way to Seattle Washington for a college roommate reunion. I vowed to God that this vacation was going to be different. It wasn’t going to be all about me, and getting as much sleep as I needed, and reading whatever I wanted to read….I didn’t want to come home feeling the same way I did after Orlando. So…I gave everything to God. My mindset was: Lord who do You want me to speak to today? Who needs a smile? Who needs some sort of reassurance? Who will You bring to me on the plane today? Do they need to hear about the hope You bring? Use me however and whenever You want Lord…I will choose to follow Your lead. Needless to say Seattle was a huge blessing!! And my travels brought me many opportunities to share the hope that lies within me (but that’ll be another blog post sometime). I was back on my life’s journey of following and obeying God, but still upon returning home…no answer to my holy discontent.

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