In obedience, I hear God speak to me clearly

So many times in my life, I pray to God about a specific issue. I pray and I pray and I pray. I bring the request to Him over and over. There are times in my life when I’ve even pleaded with God for an answer. And it felt like there was “no answer”. Then I begin to wonder. Why isn’t He answering me? Then I remember, really He is answering, and for a time the answer is “Wait”. Not a fun answer because that makes me have to grow in the area of patience which is one of my major areas of weakness in regards to the fruit of the Spirit – Galatians 5:22-25 NLT. Let me give you an recent example of what I’m talking about, so you can understand why I’ve title this blog post the way I have.

I was in Orlando, FL on vacation and my family and I visited Discovery Church in Orlando. It was a great church, should you need one in Orlando. : ) Their pastor was not teaching that morning and I had the privilege of watching Bill Hybels teaching on “Holy Discontent“. It is a powerful message that I believe all Christ-followers should listen to at one point in their lives or other. So I immediately began praying in the service to God. I wrote in my program:

Lord, what is my holy discontent (keeping in mind my life experiences and all)?

What is it that urks me?

Father, I desire for my vision (as designated by You) to give me energy!

Then a couple more of Bill’s application questions hit me square in the eyes and at the deepest parts of my heart:

Am I risking enough for that vision (whatever it may be)?

Am I really willing to do everything in my power (willing to surrender everything in my life to Your power) to see the vision come to fruition?

Whoa…that’s a big prayer request for sure. One that would/could change the trajectory of my life forever. A little scary and daunting to say the least. So I began praying that Sunday, June 27 for God to reveal His word to me about my holy discontent.


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