Dwelling in the security of the Most High

Have you ever read Psalm 91? A couple of months ago my sweet sister-in-law advised me to read it because it had offered her some comfort during a stressful time. I was feeling overwhelmed with all the end 0f school year mayhem at the time and Psalm 91 brought peace to my soul. It’s a powerfully reassuring passage of scripture!

[Quick side note: I enjoy reading a passage of scripture in several translations to see the different word choices and all]. The subtitle above the text in the New American Standard translation says – “Security of the One Who Trusts in the LORD”. I loved the word “security”. Who offers the security? The Lord. What brings that security? Trusting in the Lord.  Is His provision of security based on my thinking, my feelings, or my thoughts about myself or circumstances? No, because His provision of security for me is perfect, but my experiencing that security is largely dependent on my mindset. To the extent I surrender myself to Him and entrust all things to Him is to the extent I really experience that security.

I love that it is my Perfect Protector, God Almighty who delivers me (v3), who covers me…under His wings and that it is His faithfulness that is my shield (v4). And His angels are guarding all my ways so there are others watching out for me, too (v11).

Try putting your name in the scripture, and hear God saying to you and to me: Raquel (insert your name where you see my name), when you dwell in My shelter (when your heart and mind dwell on My character, My goodness, My power, and not on your own thoughts, feelings, doubts, and weaknesses) then you will abide in My shadow (v1).  Raquel, I am the One who delivers you and covers you under My wings (v3). It is My faithfulness that is your shield (v4), and my angels are guarding all your ways (v11).

On this 4th of July, I’d like to thank all the men and women who have provided me, my family, and loved ones the security we enjoy in America. My prayer for each of you is that you all dwell in the security and protection of the Most High as you serve to provide us freedom.


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