Be still my soul

This morning I woke up and an old hymn was the first thought of my day…”Be still my soul-the Lord is on thy side! Bear patiently the cross of grief or pain; leave to thy God to order and provide–In ev’ry change He faithful will remain. Be still my soul-thy best, thy heav’nly Friend thru thorny ways leads to a joyful end.

The Lord placed that beautiful song in my mind right away because He knew that I needed to hear those truths to calm my already anxious heart. I was rising early to get a lot of things done. And God was calling me to trust that He would order and provide for my day today. My flesh was saying, rise early so you can get things done, and my loving, heavenly Father was saying…I want to spend time with you.

So I curled up into His lap, read His beautiful words in the Bible (Isaiah 30:15-18) and prayed to Him about the cares of my day. Being in His presence has stilled my soul. I repented of my anxious, self-sufficient ways, and prayed for help to surrender my plans for today, and to do what the hymn says – leave to thy God to order and provide. I found spiritual rest in returning to my God by reading His words (Lord, thank you for Your word that is so powerful to touch the deepest parts of my soul). And I know the strength for my day will come in relying on Him and trusting in the One who longs to provide for my every need.

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