Be anxious for nothing…

A couple of days ago I found myself in a precarious position – anxious and worried over the things of this world. If left unchecked, anxiety and worry can lead me into a downward spiral – my emotions overwhelm me; then my emotions lead me to unhealthy thought patterns; then these negative thoughts and feelings crowd out the truths that I know about God; then I’m robbed of the joy that God has for me…and down, down, down the spiral I go.

I hadn’t felt these emotions this strongly in a while so I called my accountability partner, Jenny, and confessed to her that I was feeling anxious and that I needed God’s peace. We didn’t have much time to talk since we were both heading to field trips with our children, but those five minutes changed the trajectory of my day. She listened so kindly to my concerns as I tried to quickly explain all that was happening and swirling in my heart and mind. We ended our conversation by her saying, “I’m praying for God’s peace for you”. After I hung up the phone with her, God immediately began answering our prayers. The Holy Spirit brought to mind a verse I had memorized in high school and over all these years I have recited many times before about anxiety. I started reciting Phillipians 4:6-7 over and over in my head. Be anxious for nothing….Be anxious for nothing (Lord, there really is nothing to be anxious about when I remember You’re in charge of my life); but in everything, but in everything (in the little things that bring me unrest and in the big things too); by prayer and supplication (I’m humbly praying to You, Lord right now); with thanksgiving (I’m so thankful that I can come to You, Lord and You are hearing this prayer of mine); let your requests be made known to God (God I’m worried and anxious over all these things that have been swirling in my head and You know what they are…please restore Your peace in me); and the peace of God…and the peace of God (not my contrived peace, Lord, but Your perfect peace); which surpasses all comprehension (the extent of the peace You have for me is so powerful); will guard…will guard (not just sometimes guard, but You will guard); your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus (You are guarding both my emotions and my thoughts).

Speaking the powerful word of God in that moment and the prayers of my sweet accountability partner and mine ushered in the peace I was needing!

Thank You, God for Your faithfulness to hear me when I cry out to You (Psalm 34:17-18) . Thank You, Jesus for truly understanding my emotions because You have felt them all when You were on this earth (Hebrews 4:14-16). Thank You, Holy Spirit for reminding me of the verse in the Bible to bring me comfort (John 14:26). Thank You God for Jenny (my accountability partner). I’m so glad I am able to confess my sins to her and that her prayers help to bring healing to me (James 5:16). Lord, I love that You want me to be anxious for nothing…please continue to help me to remember that truth and to live it out today.


One thought on “Be anxious for nothing…

  1. Love this post and your heart. Thanks for the reminder that TRUE peace only comes from the one above.
    So glad to know you have a blog that I can follow.

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